The Personal data within this Terms and Conditions form will be "processed" in adherence to the Data Protection Act 1988 by CAMDA Enterprises and CAMDA and the Principal in Gloucestershire ("CAMDA") for the purposes of teaching services in music, singing, magic (with professional Magic Circle Magicians), acting and dramatic art, as well as administration, teaching, workshops, trips, health, safety and research, the provision of this organisations under legislation relating to children 6 to 16 years of age and adults 17 years and above (no upper age limit). CAMDA will not disclose the personal information contained forthwith to third parties at any point during the academic year or following completion of the CAMDA term or Summer courses including for any marketing or advertising purposes, unless written consent provided by subjects and guardians for photography, press, PR and filming purposes. CAMDA itself may use the information to provide marketing information.

Fees and course times are provided in students individual bespoke timetables by the Principal and CAMDA's Education Team/Artistic Directors, together with the signed "Acceptance letter", "Fee note" for one term, scenes via email and ”Handouts" for the CAMDA School of Wizardry Terms (11-12 weeks), part-time and Summer School drama week courses (5 days per course), productions, Showcases and other part-time courses.
Application to CAMDA will only be considered valid and accepted if accompanied by the agreed payment/transfer of student's enrolment deposit and course/academic term fees in advance, in writing to Confirmation by Principal and Magic Team. Receipt of the "Application Form", Offer Letter, “Acceptance Letter" and any fees paid by BACs payment to CAMDA Enterprises or by cheque to CAMDA Accounts from the time of application will be confirmed in writing along with timetable, scenes, course programme and syllabus details.

The acceptance of a student at CAMDA academic part time terms and full time short courses may not be confirmed until the aforementioned "Acceptance Letter" has been received by the Principal or Artistic Directors team.

  • Direct Debit
  • Standing Order
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank Giro
  • PayPAL
  • Cheque
  • Cash
Written confirmation of the successful application for fee paying scholarship students per Summer School week or academic term secures the individual has been allocated a place in an age-appropriate group at CAMDA which establishes a contract for the provision of hand-chosen experienced industry professionals as workshop leaders, industry personnel and DBS approved specialists in acting, chaperones, magicians and teachers to provide professional music, singing, magic and dramatic art classes together with a contract for teaching duties as freelance contractors for Masterclass services to CAMDA.

The Scholarship awards are assessed by a professional panel at CAMDA and at the Principal’s discretion. The awards given for successful candidates awarded a scholarship or bursary (4 per Summer School weeks, ages 6-11) and 2 per annum are at the discretion of CAMDA’s Artistic Director and Principal. The Panel decision for Scholarship and Bursary awards is final.

The School of Wizardry Terms take place weekly Saturdays, mornings and afternoon sessions (10 am to 1.00 pm and 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm) for 3 hours and 2 hours respectively. Monday evening sessions are offered with RADA specialists in Acting for adults age 17+ in Autumn and Summer terms from 4.30 pm to 6 pm and 6.30 pm to 8 pm, Mondays (once a week), during standard academic terms.

Term dates for the following CAMDA term and subject matter - plus performance and Showcases - will be made known in writing to individuals enrolled on courses at the end of Autumn and Spring or Summer terms 2018, 2019 ongoing.
  • CAMDA reserves the right to exclude students from masterclasses, talks and workshops at its discretion.

  • CAMDA will from time to time take photographs and film footage of students during public events. If you do not wish for yourself or your child (age 6 to 16 years) to be photographed or filmed at any point at CAMDA, please inform the Artistic Director, Principal and Education team in writing upon acceptance of a place on the chosen course.

  • CAMDA will occasionally take film footage or have professional photographers and photography for marketing and publicity materials, including press - local and national. If you do not wish for yourself or your child (if age 6 to 16 years) to be photographed or filmed in any capacity, please inform the Artistic Directors and Principal in writing with your "Acceptance Letter.”

  • The Liability of CAMDA and that of its staff and freelance contracted Specialists and Masterclass workshop leaders is restricted to class time only between time slots on Saturdays 10 am to 4.30 pm, for pupils ages 6-16 years weekly, adults on Monday and weekdays, plus optional weekends according to Health and Safety Risk Assessment. Also during Summer School weeks from 10 am to 4.30 pm. Otherwise liability during workshops and masterclasses during scheduled CAMDA Masterclass timetables is restricted to gross negligence.

  • CAMDA guarantee Chaperones and DBS Specialists at all times during term and holiday courses.

  • The liability of CAMDA and that of it's staff is restricted to weekday Monday evening time slots between 4.30 pm and 8.00 pm for adults ages 17+, with Saturdays from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm for children ages 6-16 years.

  • All pupils enrolled on CAMDA's Summer School week 5 day courses, The School of Wizardry 12 week terms (part-time, weekly Saturdays 10.00 am - 4.30 pm) and short courses are insured under CAMDA’s Public Liability and masterclasses offer 4:1 staff ratio.

  • CAMDA holds full Public Liability Insurance with Showtime Insurance for secure booking of spaces, theatre trips, venues, day trips, London trips and cultural venues in the UK and abroad.

  • Students participate in drama, singing and magic workshops and masterclasses at their own risk. CAMDA students participate at their own risk in venues and are obliged by law to inform CAMDA and all staff of any existing medical conditions, allergies or injuries in writing in advance, upon confirmation of application and booking.

  • CAMDA enjoys strong links with the UK theatre and film industry. If approached by Casting Film companies, Television stations, Producers, Agencies, Directors and other industry personnel, CAMDA reserves the right to declare an interest to relevant staff, parents, guardians and students.

  • CAMDA reserves the right to act as agent for professional work secured as a result of CAMDA contacts and involvement via CAMDA CASTING from 20 September 2018 ongoing. For students securing feature film work, CAMDA will arrange DBS Chaperones and Transport. For work secured through CAMDA Enterprises and CAMDA Casting Agency before course term completion or course annual graduation, staff and students are obliged to inform CAMDA.

  • Film, Theatre and Television contracts and engagements secured through CAMDA (The Artistic Directors, Education Team and The Principal) before graduation and upon graduating require a 10% fee paid, according to booking duration and role.

  • CAMDA reserves the right to make amendments and changes to the term and week /5 day course timetables and Masterclass staff, where necessary to protect the company and individuals.

  • All enrolled students at CAMDA are obliged to be in charge and care of their property and personal belongings. CAMDA can accept no responsibility or liability for damaged or lost property for students during any course at each venue.

  • CAMDA reserves the right to provide changes to timetables, assistants, chaperone and workshop staff. Heads of House @ 1 August 2018 are: Head of Magic - Kerry Scorah, Magician. Head of Singing - Elizabeth Capener, BBC’s All Together Now/Opera Singer. Head of Acting - Nicola Carter, Principal of CAMDA & RADA Acting Master of Arts (Distinction/First Class MA Degree).

  • CAMDA is committed to the highest standard and quality of care and information, with every attempt made to present accurate, updated information.

  • Cheltenham Academy gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained on this website and accept no liability for damage, loss or any inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on such digital information.

  • CAMDA takes all reasonable measures to ensure that information is not offensive or defamatory. The Cheltenham Academy of Music and Dramatic Art runs the only Wizard School with Magic Masterclasses led by Magic Circle Magicians and is unique to CAMDA. Furthermore, every course run in Cheltenham and throughout Gloucestershire - at various booked award-winning venues - is bespoke.Venues include the Newent Bird of Prey Centre, Cheltenham Ladies College, Dean Close, Parabola Arts Centre and Christ Church Cheltenham - venues for CAMDA’s School of Wizardry Autumn and Summer Terms (12 weeks/weekly Saturday sessions), 5 day Summer School Masterclass and Wizard School intensive courses. 

  • CAMDA also run themed drama courses, special Wizard & Wand events, Birthday parties, Owl Evenings, Showcases and Wizard School Term courses (part-time).Each course is carefully created by the Principal and Directors, designed to inspired and delight all ages 6+.The format and structure of magic, music and acting masterclass courses is unique to CAMDA and the property of CAMDA Enterprises.

  • The CAMDA Way is a formula trademarked to CAMDA Enterprises and cannot be copied or used without permission from CAMDA, inspired by excellence in practice gleaned from professional theatre productions, film experience and training at theatre schools and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.This guarantees small class sizes, outstanding career guidance, support and delivering the best value for renowned drama and magic specialists to people of all ages in the community of Gloucestershire. Most of CAMDA’s core team deliver drama, singing and magic workshops for a fraction of their usual professional fees, in order to pass on their skills to more students in the arts.

  • The CAMDA Way is simply a blueprint for dramatic excellence involving respect at all times, inspiring workshops, creative variety, a no bullying policy, highly experienced specialists, constant DBS chaperones, small class sizes guaranteed (no more than 10 in any age appropriate group), outstanding drama workshops, guest industry practitioners, RADA founder, one on one tuition each course in acting or singing, individual feedback, professional industry guidance, free showcases, audition technique and dedication to the pursuit of artistic excellence in performance.


Fees are set by CAMDA as a sole trader. The Cheltenham Academy is funded privately to allow for greater numbers of gifted individuals to experience world class tuition in drama, singing and magic without huge costs and fees for drama full time training. Weekly courses are £250 (5 full days) and Terms are £350 for 12 weeks of 3 hour masterclass sessions. 

Due to the calibre of specialists and super staff to student ratio, together with limited places (maximum 40 per course), the school runs at cost for applicants.Please note fees shall rise after year 3 of trading to reflect the top quality offered in tuition etc. Every magic and acting course is delivered for no profit since 2017 up to August 2019; first 3 years trading. Dedicated personnel lead workshops at cost to allow for greater numbers of students of all backgrounds to experience world class quality masterclasses led by industry experts, RADA management, Master of Arts, renowned directors and hard working professionals.

CAMDA offers guidance for seeking financial support to low income applicants upon request.

Fees are paid in one payment in the main, but can be paid in 2 instalments per term in exceptional cases. If you are paying in instalments, fees are due upon confirming place and your "Acceptance Letter" is sent and acknowledged in writing by CAMDA.

Acceptance of a place means students are obliged to pay the fee for each academic term of the School of Wizardry Term within 7 days, and for further short one week (five full days) April, Summer and October Half Term 3-5 day courses. 

Only in exceptional circumstances may withdrawal of a student at CAMDA be permitted before completion of the part time terms and week courses.

Due to the part time nature of CAMDA's terms, Summer and holiday drama weeks - and other courses annually - students must make adequate provision to cover their living costs during the academic terms or holidays, for which CAMDA accepts no liability.

Students who do not attend all required days or sessions/weeks of the academic terms will not be permitted to graduate or receive a certificate from CAMDA’s Principal.

Fees must be paid upon acceptance in writing of a student place, or the place is forfeited or offered to a waiting list individual. Fees are non-returnable in the case of an enrolled student leaving after the commencement of term, for illness or any other reason.

* Fees at CAMDA shall be reviewed annually.


CAMDA cannot be responsible or control the content of the website or take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers and linked pages at any time. CAMDA has made reasonable measures to ensure all information provided from third parties is accurate and accepts no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance upon such information. You may not modify, copy, transmit, perform, publish, licence, transfer, sell, distribute, reproduce or display any content from CAMDA's two websites without permission.
CAMDA recognise that privacy is integral. CAMDA Enterprises works under the 1988 Data Protection Act regulations and shall never share student or staff personal information with a third party. CAMDA's Data Protection Policy provides further information.

CAMDA operates a Cancellation Policy to protect both staff and student. Where an enrolled student attends the CAMDA Wizard School or Masterclass terms or weekly courses (5 days, 12 week terms, Monday evenings, or Saturdays) for the first time upon term commencement, the contract can be terminated no later than 7 days after the first individual timetabled day.

Termination of a course place can only be accepted in writing by CAMDA and agreed between student, parent and CAMDA's Artistic Director Team. Any fees paid to CAMDA Enterprises over and above the deposit amount shall be refunded if the course is terminated no later than 7 days after the first timetabled day of term or Summer course week. Thereafter, the contract automatically continues for the consecutive term.

Please email if you have any queries related to CAMDA’s Terms and Conditions, Data Protection and the remainder content on this page.
Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Information correct on 1 September 2018
Information updated on 18 September 2018.
Nicola Carter
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